Once spring is in the air, the weather starts getting warmer. Flowers start blooming and so do the allergies! Although, not everyone is affected by allergies, but those who are, sneezing, coughing or have a runny nose, rashes and headaches can certainly dampen their springtime, or any time for that matter. Obviously when doing crystal therapy, one cannot tackle each symptom, but one can surely tackle the core of the situation to keep good health.

Breathing is associated with spirit, so breathing difficulties may be symptomatic of a spiritual dilemma or blockage. Crystals can help stabilize and support the respiratory system to bring relief from breathing difficulties. They can provide an on-going process that may also relieve the constant need for medical intervention.

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Check out some of the good practices one does to reduce allergies and symptoms accordingly using natural crystals.

Program Gemstones against Allergy

Just as we take the vaccine, crystal programming is a crystal sting of protection. By pointing at the crown chakra, one must visualize relief from difficulty in breathing, allergy or other ailments also charging the crystal. End it by rubbing the crystal gently on the throat and chest area for elevated comfort.

Wrap the Crystals onto the Allergy area or Throat

An ancient method of crystal healing advocates tying crystals around the throat to remove allergens from chronic asthma. For kids suffering from consistent throat pain to tumours, crystal patches can bring drastic changes in health!

Drink the Healing Tonic

By solarising water, one lets the power molecules of the crystal penetrate the water. By drinking crystal-infused-water, one can catalyse the healing energies to travel into the bronchioles and dispel the toxins right away. Remember to cleanse the crystals and regularly change the drinking water when one’s having the crystal tonic for asthma and allergies.

Bathe Off the Devil

A rejuvenating and vitalizing ritual that removes bronchitis and severe respiratory diseases, taking healing baths with water infused with healing crystals along with herbs are ideal during skin allergies too.


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