Don’t Use These 7 Healing Crystal Shapes In The Same Way

Don’t Use These 7 Healing Crystal Shapes In The Same Way

Nowadays there has been a sharp increase in the popularity of the crystals. People are more aware now of the healing properties of these amazing crystals. They know which crystal is suitable for which particular problem and are using them accordingly. However, there is still some uncertainty among people about the shapes of these crystals. Many of them are still unaware of the different shapes that exist in this world and only use those which are very common like wands, spheres, etc. It is to be noted that each crystal shape should be chosen depending upon the purpose it is used for. It is not wise to use a sphere and a wand in the same way because that would not help you to heal in any way. Following is a list of 7 shapes and their respective uses:

1. Twin-crystal shape: This type of crystal usually has two terminations that have either formed naturally or have been polished in an artificial manner. These crystals are balancing stones that can simultaneously absorb positivity as well as dispel negativity. These crystals are supposed to be used for astral travel and angelic communication. They can also be used as feng shui markers.

2. Crystal clusters: This type of crystal is often grown naturally in the form of many crystals atop the same base. They often look like a bunch of the same type of crystal. This premium group of gemstone contains amplified energies. These crystals are ideal to be used in crystal grids or can also be used as home décor for raising the harmony of the space.

3. Geode shape: This is a very unique kind of crystal that is rarely found in the market. This type of crystal has a hollow space inside it and is considered to be very powerful, hence has a high price. There are numerous crystals inside every geode which guarantees it colossal powers. This type of crystal is used for training chakras and purification.

4. Animal-shaped crystals: These beautiful crystals are carved in the shape of an animal which helps them to add an element of elegance to your space. You can buy a gemstone according to your spirit animal. Keeping an animal-shaped crystal with you will give you double the energy and will boost you with confidence.

5. Crystal mirror: This is again a very rare type of crystal that is not found usually anywhere in the market. This scrying mirror works by gazing into a medium that makes you see visions behind the veil of reality. This device is made in a round flattened shape to reveal visions. You can use this mirror to find the future and reveal any truth or secret.

6. Phantom crystals: This is actually a single-pointed crystal with cloudy inclusion within. This crystal refers to the phantom of the ghost from your past karmas. You can use this crystal as a hypnotizing tool or you can even pair it up with your sacred stones on the altar.

7. 7 chakra energy generator: This crystal is made by combining six sides meeting at a central point. This generator crystal is made with different stones or a single stone depending upon the use. This type is used to amplify energy and direct it with efficiency. You can use this crystal for the manifestation of affirmations.

Make sure that you go through this list and understand the purpose of every shape. While embarking on the journey of healing through crystals, it is necessary that you know what crystals and shapes you are using so as to acquire the best results.

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