Does the Size of My Crystal Affect Its Impact?

It is a common query amongst new crystal collectors, that does the size of their crystal have an effect on its impact? It is only natural to co-relate the size of something with its utility.
That is how most things work in nature. For example, we eat more food, our bellies get fuller. Similarly, it’s an obvious question in retrospect, because of the way crystals work, one can never tell for sure what affects and doesn’t when it comes to them executing their properties.
Many established crystal healers say that establishing a relationship with your crystal is more important than the actual physical appearance. So when it comes to crystals, attraction matters more than size! How good a crystal makes you feel when you start connecting with it, is a way more significant indicator of how compatible you are with it, and is completely independent of the crystal’s size.
If you find yourself drawn to small cut pieces of your choice crystal, or you have a crystal combo bracelet that you’re convinced works the best for you, you shouldn’t think too much about the size.
The healing takes place when the energies of you and whatever crystal attracts you the most, are in synchronicity. But when it comes to the vibration of the stone, size can matter.
It evident how the words energy and vibration can be confusing since the term “vibrational energy” is used so often to describe a crystal. The energy just means a specific crystal’s innate characteristic and the healing that it provides. But vibration means the frequency at which this energy is emitted by the crystal.
This means, that a piece of crystal quartz will still be the master healer, and a piece of pyrite will still help with self-reflection, regardless of its size. But, the rate at which their energy is felt, or the intensity of its healing energy may vary because of the size of the stone.
This exact reason is why many high energy stones are chopped and shaped into smaller pieces for jewelry, because bigger pieces of these stones would mean overwhelm of energy, and isn’t very good for carrying around with you.

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