Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health?

Do You Want Crystals for TOTAL Health?

Having good health is a prime necessity if you wish to live a prosperous and happy life. You will only be able to achieve the goals you desire if you have a healthy body. There are a lot of crystals that help to heal certain areas of the body. If you possess a proper knowledge of these crystals, then it becomes quite easy to identify the right crystals to achieve holistic health. Below is a list of crystals that help in the healing of the important organs and functions of your body and when used together, ensure overall health.

1. Aquamarine for eyes: The most common disorders that can be associated with your eyes are the disorders of ocular cavity and conjunctivitis. Aquamarine is a crystal that you can use to soothe your optical nerves and prevent the occurrence of eye bags as well. It is a very good stone for treating eye allergies as well because it helps to flush the toxins from your eyes and purifies the eye cavity.

2. Lapis lazuli for the throat: A throat chakra blockage is said to have physical implications that lead to thyroid problems, scoliosis, chronic sore throat, and laryngitis. Lapis lazuli is a stone that is known to be beneficial for healing the problems surrounding the larynx, vocal chords and throat. It is known to balance the throat chakra and clear it of any impurities that tend to hamper it.

3. Rose quartz for the heart: This crystal stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Rose quartz also aids in relieving tension and stress, palpitations or skipped beats and stabilizes the irregular heart rhythm. It is especially useful for people who have a weak and unstable heart.

4. Amethyst for lungs: This is a stone that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and supports the oxygenation in the blood. This stone is considered to be ideal for people suffering from lung problems because it detoxifies their lungs and enables them to breathe easily. Amethyst can be a good pick for people suffering from disorders like Asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.

5. Citrine for digestion: This is a stone that supports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism. Citrine stimulates digestion, the spleen, and pancreas. It also eliminates the infections of the kidney and bladder, particularly in young adults. It is also proven to be beneficial in maintaining hormonal balance and alleviating fatigue.

6. Bloodstone for regulating blood flow: This stone is one of the best blood cleansers in the field of crystal healing. Bloodstone not only purifies the blood but also assist in the elimination of toxins from the body. It is beneficial for the blood-rich organs, regulates and stimulates blood flow and aids in circulation. It is widely used in the treatment of blood disorders like anemia, leukemia, tumors and acute infections.

7. Amber for immunity: Considered as a natural antibiotic, amber is used to treat infections and fever. Amber is known to stimulate digestion and increases overall vitality which makes you feel lively on the inside. It can also be used to relieve joint pain, rheumatism, and bronchial issues. The healing energy of this crystal draws off toxins from your body, thereby stimulating the immune system.

There are several other stones apart from the ones mentioned above, but you need to first start using these stones and kick start the process of overall healing and only then you will be able to experience the magical healing properties of these crystals.

Disclaimer: Crystals are meant to be used as a complement to regular medicine and not as a replacement to it. Hence, it is necessary to take the doctor’s advice if you are suffering from any disorder. 

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