Do You Know Where Your Healing Crystals Come From?

Do You Know Where Your Healing Crystals Come From

With the rise in the crystal industry, more and more people are embracing the healing powers of these crystals. These beautiful stones have become the go-to partner for people regarding a wide variety of problems. The endorsement of these crystals by celebrities has further helped to acquire a huge amount of following for these gems. But with the rising popularity of these crystals, there is one question which constantly pesters us all – where do these healing crystals come from? How do these crystals get here?

Crystals have gained a lot of market value in recent years with the prices of a few crystals doubling over this period. Thus if a rock has such an amount of value, it is logical to assume that it must have a proper paper trail. But this is not the case with most dealers. These people refuse to disclose the true locations of these crystals from where they are mined. This is done mainly out of fear as these people think that the world will come to know about the true reality behind the mining of these crystals. Even if one tries to track down the source of the crystals which are sold on popular websites, they will often hit a dead end. Most of the companies that mine these rare crystals are usually having gold and copper mining as their primary business. So it comes without saying that the mining techniques that such companies use are harmful not only to the surrounding environment but also to the local community residing near those mines. The workers in these mines are made to work in very dangerous and harmful conditions without proper equipment and wages. A feeble salary is paid to these workers as these companies are aware of the fact that people will work in any condition to support their families. These mining companies dump a lot of toxic waste into the land and rivers nearby which pollutes the ecosystem that results in uncultivable land, polluted drinking water, etc. The Berkeley Pit in Montana is a great example of a devastated ecosystem. In November 2016, tens of thousands of geese landed in the highly acidic water near these mines. As a result, within a few hours, thousands of geese were dead due to the effect of the acidic water on their bodies.

How is a crystal supposed to have a healing power when its mining practices have such a dark background? Someone might have lost his/her life or someone might have been forced to work day and night on very minimum wage and if this has really happened, wouldn’t it fill those crystals with negative energy already? Crystals are one of the most beautiful creations of nature which have been there for mankind’s assistance for thousands of years. All we need to do is be grateful to nature for giving us such amazing crystals. For this exact same reason, we must purchase crystals from authentic dealers who can tell us about the source of these crystals.

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