Do celebrities wear any crystal?

In today’s world, crystal enthusiasts are rising in number on a daily basis. People have started acknowledging the importance of these crystals and are using them to keep themselves emotionally and physically stable.
However, it is not just the common public that is mesmerized by the healing properties of these crystals. There are numerous celebrities who have endorsed using these crystals in their life.
Some have even come forward to share their experiences with the world. Following is a list of such celebrities:
Kim Kardashian-West
Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016 and she resorted to healing crystals to get over this traumatic experience. After learning about the energy and spirit behind the stones, KKW was inspired to use crystals in her perfume line, KKW fragrance.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda always surrounds herself with crystals. She always keeps a crystal in her bag when she travels. She designed all of her Kora Organic products to be filtered through crystals before they reach the store shelves.

Heidi Pratt
Heidi and her husband are very much into the crystals, so much so that they built an entire business called Pratt Daddy Crystals. Both of them believe in the healing powers of the crystals. When Heidi gave birth to their son, Spencer made sure that she was surrounded by $27000 worth of crystals that included amethyst, pink rose quartz and golden citrine.

It is common for a singer to experience stage fright before a performance and Adele was no exception to it. It was then someone recommended her to try the healing crystals to get over her anxiety and fear. When she had delivered her baby, she was afraid to get back on the stage. Crystals helped her to get over this issue and she made a fabulous comeback.

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