DIY: Crystal Elixirs At Home

Crystal Elixir DIY
Crystal elixir is one of the simplest vibrational elixirs that you can prepare at your home. Making a crystal elixir involves infusing water with a crystal.
These elixirs do sound like mystical potions but they are just your normal crystals mixed with water. The healing properties of crystals are most potent when infused with drinking water.
Creating elixirs allows you to experiment with different types of crystals and see with which stone you resonate the most. Crystal elixirs are known by many names like crystal tonics, crystal essences, elixir water etc.
While making a crystal elixir, do not waste much time thinking about which crystal you need. Instead, choose the crystals that enchant you. Choose the crystals to which you are drawn to and to those that make you feel good.
To get the most benefit out of your crystal elixir, infuse it with meaning and intention. Meditating with the crystals with which you are creating an elixir will create a more powerful elixir.
Moreover, if you make an elixir during the full moon, it will have a positive impact on the elixir that you are creating. You can make a crystal elixir in two ways.
Crystal Elixir
The first method involves placing the crystals directly into the bottle of water and keeping that bottle idle overnight. However, not all crystals are safe to be used in water and hence you must first properly identify the crystals that you are using before making an elixir.
Also, make sure that before immersing the crystal in the water you wash the crystal with fresh water to remove impurities from it.
The second method involves taping the crystal on the outside of the bottle and keeping it overnight. The vibrations of the crystal charge the water and convert it into an elixir. Crystal elixirs are one of the best ways to make use of crystals for your benefit. If used in a proper manner, crystal elixirs can bring beauty and intention into your life.

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