Different forms and properties of crystal pendants

We are all enamored and enticed by crystals and gemstones, which is why they attract us so much and are always in our interests. It is often noted that crystals and gemstones bring positive vibes into our homes and workspace. 

Different forms and properties of crystal pendants

Here are a few forms of crystal pendants. 

Quartz Crystal

This stone is a pure and powerful source of energy. It stimulates your brain and makes you more aware of your surroundings. It brings activeness and alertness in your consciousness levels and transmits, stores and amplifies positive energy. It comes in many forms and is clear and bright.


This quartz has purple hues and is often used to relieve hangovers and intoxication. It helps you resist. It connects you to your spirit and helps you get rid of false illusions, thus enhancing your psychic ability.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. That is colored with a delicate pink hue. This stone attaches relationships and gets rid of negativity, hence creating a calm atmosphere. It is considered to be a thoughtful gift to a partner or friend.

Tiger Eye

This gemstone is a shade of amber and lustrous. It brings balance to you and helps you maintain and increase your wealth, create awareness and better understanding. Even if it is raw or unpolished, this gemstone manages to shine. It helps you de-stress during stressful moments.

Iron Pyrite

This stone is a bright, shiny and golden crystal and it gets rid of all the negative energy and physical danger. It brings awareness and kicks your inner intellect, thereby increasing your memory.


Citrine dispels negative energy and never requires to be cleansed or recharged. It is of a lovely shade of amber which gives away a positive, sunny, warm and optimistic vibe. This stone is beautiful, positive and comes in many different forms.

Desert Rose

Desert rose is a type of selenite stone and it brings mental clarity, insight, and awareness to its owner. It helps with meditation and is often used to access past and future lives. This stone has a round, multifaceted shape and sandy colors that are marked with bright white crystal formations.


This stone is a calming, balancing crystal which is important for communication and helps people remember their dreams. It brings clarity to the mind and peace to the body. It has a sky blue color that is cool and inviting and ranges between a number of forms.

Raw Emerald

This stone is one for the lovers as it is often known for successful love. With its intoxicating color, it is considered to promote focus, eliminate negativity, promote loyalty and sensitivity.

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