Difference between Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz

Difference between Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz
Rose quartz is a stone that has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for ages. Called as the “stone of universal love”, this stone is linked with compassion and unconditional love. It emits gentle and calming vibrations which help to enhance feelings like self-love, forgiveness and peace of mind.
It helps you to understand situations around you from a positive perspective. Rose quartz encourages you to let go of toxic energies and emotions that have trapped inside your mind. This is a heart chakra stone which allows you to replace the toxic feelings in your mind with unequivocal love.
If you are suffering from any emotional wound, then rose quartz is the stone which will help you to heal and recover from it quickly. This is a very beneficial stone and is a must-have in your personal collection of crystals.
Pink quartz is a calm and reassuring crystal that alleviates stress and anxiety and provides a soothing ambience to the environment. They bring a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere in the workplace and are conducive to happy family relationships.
This crystal brings great strength to those who are facing a loss of identity or are unsure of how to recover from a life-shattering event. This crystal helps to dispel the darkness and repair emotional devastation.
Pink quartz brings comfort and connects one to the universal love, helping one to reestablish or redefine who they are, reinstate trust and to emerge stronger, more assured and self-reliant.
This is an excellent meditation crystal for soothing and relaxing tension from the physical body and let the compassion of the universe wash through the senses.
Both rose quartz as well as pink quartz crystals are well-suited for an individual who wants to bring in love into their life. Wear them in the form of jewellery or place them inside your house to make the most out of these crystals.

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