Difference between Aquamarine & Aqua Aura Crystals

If you’ve found yourself stumbling upon this blog, you have wondered if most crystals that look the same, have the same properties, same kind of impact on the human mind and body? Because most of these properties are based on what a crystal looks like. For example, most blue colored crystals are known to have a similar sort of impact, stimulate the same chakras, etc.
First things first, Aqua Aura and Aquamarine are not the synonyms for the same crystal. They happen to be very different crystals, belonging to different families. Aqua Aura belongs to the Quartz family’s Aura Quartz branch of crystals. Aquamarine is a whole different category of the crystal itself which belongs to the Beryl family.
They both have similarities, belonging to the same oceanic vibe that drives the energy. Let’s take a look at these two crystals closely to understand the differences better.
Well known across the realm of crystal healing as the protection, good luck, and fearlessness talisman for sailors, not only today but for centuries, Aquamarine evokes the purity and vastness of the ocean.
Oceans make the majority of the planet we’re on, making the energy of the stone a significant one to have around. It is also considered a stone of happiness and eternal youth. It clears up the blockages keeping you from effective communications with your loved ones, making your relationships healthier.
Its unique tint is now a color of its own, which by the way, is also the official color of the Aqua Aura crystal. Aquamarine’s dual nature simultaneously represents all things related to the sea and the ocean, and also the reflection of heavens above that are seen in the waters below.
It becomes a mirror that reflects itself infinitely. It also represents the pull of the moon on the human body and soul.
Aqua Aura
This Aquamarine colored variety of Aura Quartz is formed when clear quartz is bonded with gold and produces a sky bluish crystal due to the electric charge. Out of all the Aura Quartz varieties, this one is the most popularly used.
Like the head of its family, Crystal Quartz, this crystal enhances the impact of the crystals in whose proximity it is kept. It is a high-frequency crystal with an intense vibration that can be used in body layouts to activate all the chakras. It stimulates the throat chakra to improve the expression of emotions in a healthy, constructive way so that your communication comes off as a positive input for your loved ones.
It is a good stone to protect you against psychic attacks and other energy-draining people and energies around you. It is also very adept in multidimensional and cellular memory healing.

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