Develop Your Psychic Abilities With Healing Crystals

Develop your psychic abilities with healing crystals

What are Psychic Visions?

They are actually the clairvoyant messages you receive from your spirit guides. Also known as second sight, clairvoyance is something that resides in everyone and surfaces only in times of need.

This ability enables an individual to look beyond that which is obvious and gain an insight into how the problems can be solved. Many people try to develop their psychic powers but only a few are able to do it.

There is a specific set of crystals that can be used to heighten your intuition and awaken psychic visions. These crystals help you to connect with your spiritual guides and seek guidance from them.

Following is a list of few such crystals which can assist in that manner:



This crystal is also known as the ‘Universal Crystal’ which shows its connections with the realm beyond ours.

This crystal is an excellent choice if you wish to increase your psychic abilities as it has the power to amplify any energy or intention.

This crystal protects you against negativity and attunes you to your higher self which helps you to connect with your spiritual guides. It enhances spiritual receptiveness and clears toxic emotions from your mind.



If you feel drawn towards this crystal, then it is a sign that you are worried about any kind of negativity during your spiritual journey. This stone gives you a nice balance of being open but not grounded.

This crystal is great for activating the root chakra, which is the base of all your energy.

Once this chakra is balanced, you are able to focus on your abilities and establish meaningful connections with your spiritual guides. Place bloodstone near your bed while you sleep to attain spiritual awareness.



Clairvoyant abilities are often disturbed by the presence of negative people in your life. These people drain you of your energy which results in exhaustion. Fluorite is a stone that can protect you from these toxic people.

It offers energetic protection and sanctuary from negative and stale energies.

It opens your intuition and strengthens your spiritual connection. Fluorite also balances your chakras and increases your psychic ability.



Out of all the stones that are there, amethyst is an ideal stone to be carried if you are having problems unlocking your psychic abilities.
This crystal is known to energize the heart chakra which enables you to feel love and connection to yourselves and others.
Developing this connection is very important if you wish to open up your psychic abilities or have a spiritual awakening.  

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