Curious about how to use healing stones?

Curious about how to use healing stones

Crystals are available almost everywhere now. You don’t need to visit some healer or a fancy shop to get these beautiful stones. The rising popularity of crystals has made them easily available in the most common places as well. So don’t be surprised if you see a vendor selling crystals on the street. There are many people who are not aware of the healing properties of these crystals but they still buy them because of their sheer beauty and their ability to make a particular place look charming. But we wish to inform such people that buying random stones might prove to be unproductive and sometimes hazardous to your life because not all crystals are meant for you. One needs to understand the exact metaphysical properties of each crystal before buying them because a wrong choice might bring you down and a correct choice would take you to the peak of success. Say that you identified which crystal suits you best, but what after that? Do you know how to use them? If you are curious about using healing stones and experience their effect on your life, there are many ways to do so, some of which are listed below:

1. Carry them on the go: This is by far one of the most basic ways by which you can use a crystal. Once you have made the right choice, simply carry the small version of that crystal whenever you are going out of your house. You can carry them in your pocket, wallet, bag or purse so that it will always be with you and you will get more time to spend with it. This also means that the crystal will get more time to work on you and you might even get the desired results faster.

2. Keep them near your bed: A person sleeps for at least six hours at night on an average and having a crystal near you during these hours will help you to soak the beautiful energy of the crystal. Doing this not only gives you an undisturbed sleep but also calms down your mind and wards off negative dreams. In addition to this, placing certain crystals near your bed can also help to enhance the relationships between couples and reignite the passion.

3. Taking a crystal bath: After a stressful and tiring day at work, nothing makes you more relaxed than a bath in a hot tub. You can even enhance the experience by placing candles around the tub along with your favorite crystals. Having a crystal bath allows the stones to absorb all the stress and anxiety from your mind and offer tranquility and peace of mind in return. You can even put the crystals inside the water but then you need to identify beforehand if the crystal of your choice is safe to be put in the water.

4. Use them during meditation: One of the major problems while you meditate is that your mind gets cluttered with different thoughts and you find it difficult to concentrate. Crystals can be used while meditating as they help to focus your mind and clear it of all the negative and unproductive thoughts. These crystals help you to build a strong connection with the universe during meditation. All you need to do is simply place them in your palm as you meditate or just keep them around you.

5. Use them as a shield against harmful energies: In today’s world, you are often surrounded by electronic devices like mobile, television, microwave etc. These devices constantly emit Electromagnetic radiation which can prove to be harmful to your body. There are certain crystals which absorb or deflect this radiation away from your body. You can keep these crystals near such devices so that they can help to curb the amount of radiation dissipating from them.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other ways by which you can make use of these crystals. The crux is to find the best way possible for you and keep faith in the stones.

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