Crystals to Support & Balance Leo Energy

Crystals to Support & Balance Leo Energy
People born from July 23rd to August 22nd fall under the zodiac sign of Leo. This zodiac is symbolized by the Lion and is ruled by the sun which imparts its powerful energy that matches the high vibration frequencies of summer. Leo is associated with determination, courage and rigidity.
Leos are determined to step into action, front and centre and finish what has to be finished before starting something else. Leos are easily affected if someone close to them betrays their trust. Since they are very loyal, honest and generous, they tend to be very sensitive.
Crystals can be used by Leos to rectify the traits and strengthen their personality. The crystals mentioned below match Leo’s energy and help them to move ahead in life:

Tiger’s Eye

This is one of the main birthstones for Leo because of its association to the sun. It is a stone of the solar plexus chakra and attracts prosperity in all aspects of life. It is an excellent stone for balancing emotions and to boost motivation.
Tiger’s Eye helps to eliminate complacency in Leos and gives them a clear view of their goals so that they can continue working hard to accomplish them.


This crystal resonates with the sacral and the root chakra. Both carnelian and Leo share the element of fire which makes this stone a pool of energy for the Leos who need a boost in energy, creativity and passion. This crystal boosts the courage and boldness of Leos and helps them to prosper in life.
This stone helps to remove the egotistical habits of Leos by reducing their ego and ensuring a balance of pride and modesty.


This is a stone of the Heart chakra and is known to promote unconditional love and compassion and facilitate forgiveness. It is useful to heal the emotional wounds that you may have experienced in the past. Peridot promotes positivity and abundance in all aspects of life.

It also promotes mental clarity in Leos by cleansing the aura of negative emotions and energy.

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