Crystals to Steer Clear of Pandemic Fatigue

What’s pandemic fatigue, you ask? The world has been shoved to submission by the most dreadful threat of the 21st century. A silent disease that takes forever to be diagnosed with sneakily spreads to almost everyone and kills a lot of us too. This panoramic fear has forced us to stay home, paranoid of most things we’d do in daily life.

This paranoia covers the fear of getting fatally ill, losing our minds, losing our jobs, basically anxious about just being on the other side of the pandemic as soon as possible. Wrestling with so many emotions and possibilities in our head every day for six months is a significant drain on anyone’s energy.

This is what we have termed pandemic fatigue. It has numerous symptoms that need to be addressed, for which we will take the help of crystal healing. Crystal healing has solutions for such problems, which even most medication fails to provide.

Anxiety, immunity, mental strength, emotional balance, and motivation are some of the issues we can target with some crystals, which are, through public knowledge, some of the best answers we have to combat these calamities. Here’s our pick for the best crystals to beat pandemic fatigue.

Bloodstone- Bloodstone is a very good stone for regulating the immune system and has been historically used to ward off symptoms of cold, flu, infections, and inflammation, which are common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. It is also very efficiently used in recovering from injury, illness, and exhaustion.

Amethyst- One of the very few stones that are known as master healers, this fantastic purple stone is very adept in blocking negative environmental energies and strengthens the immunity system. It is a cleansing stone that purifies the blood and relieves both emotional and physical uneasiness.
Pink Smithsonite- A lesser-known stone family, Smithsonite is known for boosting immunity when placed on the throat or ear the chest. Pink Smithsonite stimulates the thymus gland which is directly responsible for our immunity against viral diseases. It also cures problems related to infertility and vitality.
Ametrine- Ametrine is an amalgam of Amethyst and Citrine. With exceptional benefits for the immune system, it also can relieve stress and give you mental strength and fortitude which can be very useful especially in these stressful times. It dissolves bodily toxins, negative energy, and takes care of fatigue in the best possible way.
Yellow Calcite- This fantastic yellow stone uplifts your energy instantly, improves your strength and vitality. It is known affectionately as the multi-vitamin for the soul. It converts the negativity inside you, your aura, and your environment into positive energy that you can use. It is one of the best hacks to feel better during these testing times.

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