Crystals to Open the Third-Eye

The “third eye” is the concept derived from the chakra system which represents the 7 energy centers in our body that manage the organs and functions of the body associated with their domain.
These 7 chakras are ideally in the best shape when they are harmonized, aligned, and working together. The third eye chakra is the second chakra in the list after the crown chakra when we start vertically from the top. The third eye practically functions as an eye for things that are not visible for our regular two eyes.
These include intuition, dreams, and higher perspectives. The sensations related to the third eye are the “sixth sense” which a lot of people claim to feel. The best way to stimulate and work with your third eye chakra is crystal healing.
Indigo crystals are associated with the third eye chakra. There are many crystals that you can use to stimulate your thoughts and improve your intuition to aid you in decision making. These stones are the perfect gifts from nature for chakra healing benefits. Here are a few stones to get you started on the path to opening your third eye.


Amethyst is one of the most famous stones for its healing benefits. It is a purple stone, making it perfect for the third eye chakra. Its benefits include inducing better sleep patterns, helping you improve intuition, recalling dreams for people who are into journaling.


Moldavite is a green colored stone which is useful in cleansing, stimulating the third eye chakra, and balancing your energy. Moldavite is known for clearing negativity and restoring balance to the entire chakra system. Your intuition is fully functional, only when your body has no other chakras to waste energy on.

Purple Fluorite

For your third eye chakra to work perfectly, you need to be cleared off the fog of negative energy your brain is influenced by. For that to happen, this stone is perfect. Purple Fluorite, being a purple stone is perfect for the third eye chakra, and brings a lot of benefits when it comes to inducing positive thoughts and energy.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian s a stone that protects your mental energy from other people’s negativity. With this stone, you can find a balance that is hard to find elsewhere. It soothes and stimulates the third eye chakra, enhancing your emotional control and your grip over your intuition. It solidifies your belief in your intuition or sixth sense.

Tiger’s Eye

Affectionately dubbed “The All-Seeing Eye”, Tiger’s Eye is considered a mystical stone which enhances the levels of perception and intuition a person associates themselves with. It allows you to channel the true energy of the third eye, and see things which aren’t visible to the regular eyes.

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