Crystals to Help you Find Your Twin Flame

The idea of romance and how there is a perfect match for everyone is received with mixed views from today's youth. Now that the world is becoming smaller than ever, the options everyone has is increasing every day.

It is easy to feel likeness with a lot of people and confusing it for something more. Such is the law of the hormones that drive us to do things, including our most basic instinct to multiply.

But if you were to take spirituality seriously, it says that our soul ascended and split into two parts when we were born. The remainder of our journey on this planet is an extended conquest to find this "soul mate" or "twin flame" who is supposed to fill our gaping holes and complete us spiritually.

If you're someone who believes in something so noble and optimistic, you probably want to know if the realm of crystal healing has any answers for this.

Spoiler alert; of course it does! When it comes to the soul's matters, there are always stones you can vibe with to align your chakras, connect to the elements your signs represent and manifest the most from celestial movements.

So when it comes to finding your twin flame, crystals can help you get closer than ever! Here are the best crystals to find your twin flame.

Rose Quartz
Whenever it comes to the topic of love, connection, and finding the right match, Rose Quartz is always the first crystal to go in mind. This baby pink crystal is the representative of Universal love, and helps you manifest the ideals of self-love, and reinforces your self-image to attract that special someone.
A mystical black protection stone that helps contain your negative energy. This protection is not just for the people around you but also protects you from your demons. It is a kind of volcanic glass that is formed over the years.
Clear Quartz
This famous crystal is known as the master healer, and to set yourself up to find your soul mate, you require to be mentally and emotionally healed. With its help, you can step out of perceived limitations and see things with more clarity.
Amethyst is a crystal that stimulates and opens your third eye chakra. By doing so, it will help you recognize your soul-mate when they're right in front of you. Sometimes you dream about your twin flame before ever even meeting them. Amethyst will help you record and remember your dreams better.
This yellow stone helps you balance your feminine and masculine aspects so that this better-balanced persona attracts the other half of your soul towards you.

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