Crystals To Help During Pregnancy

crystals for pregnancy
It is during these nine months that a woman has to go through a lot, both physically as well as emotionally.
The presence of another soul growing inside their womb can sometimes be too overwhelming for women.
They become highly susceptible to feelings like anxiety, stress, frustration, etc.
But for the sake of the child inside her belly, a woman needs to remain calm and cheerful throughout this 9-month phase.
It is important to protect her and her baby from negative energies that may try to harm them.
Crystals can help a woman to protect herself and her womb from unwanted energies and promote a healthy and blissful pregnancy.

Below is a list of 5 such crystals which can prove to be beneficial during pregnancy.



Called as the “Master healer”, amethyst has the power to remove every single trace of negativity from a woman’s mind.
This stone is highly beneficial during pregnancy because it helps to calm down stress and anxiety and keeps the woman grounded.
Amethyst helps to balance an anxious mind and promotes a sense of tranquility inside the woman.
This leads to proper nurturing of the child and the woman.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

The period of pregnancy takes a heavy toll on the woman as she feels very low due to the stress and physical changes that take place during this period.
Lapis lazuli is a stone that can be used to ward off all the stress and fear that a woman experiences during pregnancy.
This helps in boosting the confidence of the woman and makes her mood lively and cheerful.
This stone also helps the woman to develop a bond with the child in her belly.



Filled with the feminine energy of the moon, this crystal is one of the most suitable crystals for a woman.
Since it is aligned with the feminine energy, the soothing vibrations of this crystal are enough to ward off pain and stress from a woman’s mind.
This stone is also called the stone of fertility and helps in balancing the fertility hormones by strengthening the feminine cycle.
Moonstone also prepares the woman to face her pregnancy with an optimistic and confident approach.



It is very necessary for a woman to maintain her health during her pregnancy because she not only needs to care for herself but also needs to look after the well-being of her child.
Unakite is a stone which boosts the overall health of a woman and makes her strong physically.
The energy emitted from this crystal helps in boosting mental as well as physical health of the mother and her child.
This stone is a must-have for a woman and hence should be included in the pregnancy crystal kit.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Last but not least, rose quartz is a stone that will always be on the list when it comes to nurturing love and health.
The loving vibes of this crystal help to mellow down the stress and anxiety that a woman faces during her pregnancy.
Rose quartz helps to open her heart to accept love and compassion from the outside world and remain positive throughout the nine-month phase.
It also helps to bring out the cheerful side of her which helps in nurturing a happy child.
If worn by a pregnant woman, this crystal can help to develop a beautiful bond with her child.
Rose Quartz also helps in healing the mother post-pregnancy and releases the stress as well.
Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life and hence utmost care should be taken to make this phase as positive and happy as possible.
The crystals mentioned above will help to support the woman during this phase and will help in a blissful pregnancy.

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