crystal-braceletFlu season is upon us, and it’s time to protect oneself. Some people simply can’t afford the flu shot, and for those who can, it is not a guarantee that one won’t contract the virus. Influenza can cause stomach cramps, headaches, sinus infections and more ailments than anyone should have to suffer through.

If one’s found under the influence of influenza, they are likely feeling desperate for relief right. There are some medicines that can help relieve the symptoms, but they don’t get to the internal energy of the body. Crystals can actually work with the energy to fight the virus from the inside.

One can infuse drinking water with crystals, place them in a warm bath, sleep near them or just keep them in the left pocket to soak up their glorious, healing power. A crystal-infused cup of warm tea and honey will soothe the ailments and warm the bones.

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Check out some of the crystals suited for cold prevention.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the stone of health and wellbeing. It realigns and balances our whole system and by bringing in the green ray of healing, enforces our immune system and healing capacity. It also brings a gentle joy and sense of acceptance, helping us be gentle with ourselves during the healing process and not rushing things.


Citrine is a bright, energizing crystal that has magnetic properties of positivity; it literally draws the light to you. To supercharge your citrine, allow it to rest outside in the sunlight, for an hour or two. It will draw the energy from the sun into itself and, in turn, seep that energy into your pores.


Amethyst can be used for any ailment. It is a powerful healing crystal, just like clear quartz that has many functions and benefits.  It naturally purifies the body and relieves pain in a gentle but rapid manner. Wearing an Amethyst while you bathe and rest during ailment then keeping next to you! By keeping work aside it will be a little slow to heal.


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