Crystals To Give Thanks On Thanksgiving 2019

Crystals To Give Thanks On Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving is one of those very important times for many individuals where their extended families come together to have a good time. This provides them with an opportunity to spend an engaging day with their loved ones and has good food. It gives them time to form a strong connection with each other and share their happiness and sorrow with one another. This also helps to strengthen the family as a whole by identifying the things they are thankful for. If these gatherings are enhanced with the help of crystals that help to cultivate love and gratitude, it just adds to the overall atmosphere and makes it more healthy and caring. Following is a list of crystals that are suited for this purpose:

1. Rose quartz: This is the ultimate stone when it comes to spreading love and affection. The gentle and nurturing vibrations of this crystal help to cultivate a sense of togetherness and gratitude inside everyone. This stone opens up the heart and helps to release all the emotional stress and trauma that has been torturing you from within. It also helps you to be more open and enable the flow of loving energy inside your mind from the surrounding atmosphere. Rose quartz helps to ignite compassion and happiness inside every individual and makes them realize the importance of being together.

2. Citrine: This stone is filled with the bright energy of the sun that helps to ward off negativity from one’s mind and makes them joyous and cheerful from the inside. The high vibrations of this crystal help to attract wealth as well as positivity into one’s life. This stone is perfect for family gatherings because it not only drives out darkness from the mind but also protects against negative people. Citrine is also known to encourage self-expression and revitalizes the mind by filling it with joyful energy and creativity.

3. Sodalite: This stone is known to encourage rational thought and intuition along with verbalization of feelings. The calming effect of this stone is known to facilitate logical thinking and promote the sharing of feelings with one another. This is a very positive stone for groups because it encourages harmony and compassion which is required during the time of thanksgiving. This stone helps you to speak the truth in a way that is acceptable to the group.

4. Kyanite: This crystal aligns all the chakras which help to bring physical and emotional balance inside an individual. Kyanite promotes the balance of yin-yang energy and dispels blockages by moving its gentle energy through your body. This stone has a very calming effect on your entire body and allows you to gain peace of mind. Kyanite is also known to encourage communication on all levels which helps you to be responsive and energetic during Thanksgiving gatherings.

Thanksgiving is a time that should be reserved for your families and should be enhanced with the feelings of love and togetherness. You should leave no room for negativity during thanksgiving and should only concern yourself by the happiness of your loved ones. The crystals mentioned above are best suited for such occasions and hence should be there with you to enhance the atmosphere.

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