Crystals to cure insomnia

Crystals to cure insomnia
After a long and tiring day at work, all that you need is a good sleep once you come home.
This sleep is necessary because it not only calms you down emotionally as well as physically but also makes you revitalized to tackle the next day.
It is said that one should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours to ensure a healthy lifestyle, however, not everyone is lucky to get a sound and peaceful sleep.
Your mind becomes a playground for unproductive and negative thoughts if you are deprived of your sleep.
You start feeling drained mentally as well as physically, which hampers your next day as well.
Thankfully, you can take help from the beautiful crystals to assist you in restoring your sleep cycle.
These crystals help you to access your peace of mind and ease down your worries which helps to stimulate sound sleep.

Following is a list of four crystals that you can use to treat insomnia:



This stone is a natural tranquilizer as it helps to relieve stress and pain.
This crystal soothes irritability and helps in dispelling anger, fear and anxiety.
Thus, your mind is clear of all negative thoughts and you are able to get a good sleep.
Amethyst alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity so that your mind does not wander off when you sleep.
This crystal facilitates calmness which helps in tackling insomnia.



This crystal is known to be filled with the feminine energy of the moon which has its own calmness and tranquility that is induced in the user.
Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress which are responsible for hampering your sleep.
This crystal has a very gentle effect on your mind and acts as a lullaby for people suffering from insomnia.



When people around you try to target you and conspire about you, they indirectly send negative thoughts towards you which might hamper your overall well-being.
Selenite is a crystal which shields a person from outside influences and offers protection to them.
The powerful vibrations of selenite clear, open and activate the Crown chakra which helps to strengthen your emotional balance, thereby warding off insomnia.
This calming stone instills deep peace and is ideal for having a sound sleep.



The powerful vibrations of this crystal are very useful in warding off chaotic thoughts that cloud your mind when you go to bed.
Celestite is a very calming stone and has extreme serenity stored inside it as it connects third eye, heart and crown chakras.
This stone brings harmony and balance and helps you to find inner peace which aids in getting uninterrupted sleep.
There is nothing more irritating than not being able to get good sleep.
Your mind and bodywork hard throughout the day and need to cool down at night, which is what good sleep offers.
Thus, for people who suffer from insomnia, the crystals mentioned above will assist in getting good sleep.
These stones will make them recharged and buckled up to take on the next day!

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