Crystals to create the perfect energy for love

Love is more than just an emotion, and by using love crystals, you can understand what we mean when we say that. You can find love in various different ways - attract love, express self-love or relationships, and other ways.

Crystals to create the perfect energy for love

Here are the crystals to create the perfect energy for love. 

Crystals for Attracting Love

Rose Quartz Stones: This is one of the most powerful stones for attracting love as it opens your heart centre, restores love and trust. It helps draw new love into your life.

Pink Tourmaline: This stone transforms your energy into positivity and openness, and helps you meet your loved one.

Crystals for Relationships

Moonstone: This stone calms you intense situations and brings a healthy relationship that satisfies both partners.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone brings communication, honesty, compassion and harmony to a relationship. Aventurine: Aventurine gets rid of stress and negative feelings. It strengthens a good relationship.

Emerald: It encourages bliss, loyalty, unity, unconditional love and partnership.

Crystals for Self Love

Prasiolite Stone: If you have low self-confidence, this stone helps you foster a deeper appreciation and acceptance of yourself. It brings compassion, self-acceptance and self-honour and to love yourself.

Sunstone Stone: This stone has a yellow tint to it which represents the sun. It allows you to shine despite all the barriers and stimulates your power, strength, leadership abilities, self-worth and confidence.

Tiger’s Eye Stone: For those who aren't in a relationship, this stone helps you recognize your own needs and gets rid of self-worth and self-criticism.

Rhyolite Stone: This stone helps you adapt to change. You become a better person and can balance your emotional state by releasing self-doubt, depression and hopelessness. 

Crystals for Healing a Broken Heart

Rhodonite: It helps you heal a broken heart and brings forgiveness and compassion to solve any relationship problems. It heals all emotional trauma.
Malachite: It aids in the transformation of the heart and helps maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on life.

Blue Lace Agate: You are able to get rid of feelings of being judged and rejected and it also helps overcome self-sabotage.

Raw Chrysocolla: When you are in need of change, this stone calms your emotions so that you can heal. It increases your capacity to love.

With the help of these stones, you will see that you can open your heart, heal emotional issues and find value in yourself and others.

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