Crystals to Carry with you while Hiking

Crystals to Carry with you while Hiking

There is no better feeling in this world than being in the midst of nature. One of the best ways of experiencing this feeling is to go on a hike in the mountains. Hiking helps you to connect with your inner-self and ward off any burden or stress that you had been holding in your day to day life. Hiking takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in an unknown territory where it becomes difficult to guess what would happen next. Over-enthusiasm, anxiety, and fear are the emotions that might surface during such situations and this is where crystals come into the picture. There are specific stones that help to mellow down your hyperactive mind and give you the necessary boost of confidence to enjoy your hike without any fear. These crystals also tend to form a protective shield around you which prevents any mishaps during your hike in the wilderness. A few of these crystals are mentioned below in detail:

1. Bloodstone: Whenever you are performing some strenuous task (in this case hiking), you need a stone that helps to keep a balanced flow of blood in your system and assists you to keep going. Bloodstone is one of the best stones which you can carry because it is an excellent blood cleanser and purifies the blood, spleen, liver, and kidneys. It also helps to eliminate the toxins from the body which keeps your digestive system in a healthy condition. In addition to this, the stone is also very useful in keeping you grounded and helps to overcome geopathic stress as well.

2. Hematite: This stone has the ability to absorb the toxic emotions that are holding you back from experiencing joy and vitality. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and worry from your mind and helps you to enjoy your time in nature. Hematite neutralizes the negative energies in your body and helps in balancing the seven chakras. It also cleanses the blood and supports circulation and promotes the flow of energy into your system.

3. Amethyst: This is one of the most effective crystals in healing as it not only helps to calm and soothe your mind but also helps to remove every bit of negativity from it. This stone is very useful to calm down hyperactive individuals who lose a sense of calmness when they go out on a hike. Amethyst also supports the oxygenation in the blood and aids in the treatment of the digestive tract, which is often hampered when you eat outside food during your hiking trip. Amethyst is also known to strengthen the immune system and reduce bruising, pain and swellings.

4. Black Onyx: Once you are into unknown territory, you tend to surmise that something would go wrong somewhere and you would end up in a complicated situation. Hence it is very necessary to prevent these things before they happen and black onyx is the best stone for that purpose. This stone helps to keep your senses keen and instincts sharp and gives you the confidence to fight your fears and anxiety. Black onyx also helps in providing stamina and vitality to the body and aids in the absorption of nutrients as well. This stone also helps to keep your legs strong and properly functioning without getting cramps and fatigue.

It is very important to remain composed when you are scouting out of your comfort zone and crystals are the best entities to achieve this kind of composure and confidence during a hike. Identify which crystals suit you and take them along with you to experience an immersible and fun hike.

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