Crystals To Carry While Travelling On A Holiday

Crystals To Carry While Travelling On A Holiday

The journey is a piece of time that we give ourselves over a year. What are the lucky stones to take with you?

For some, travelling is a real dream, for others a short break from everyday life, for others a real way to learn about many new things. In any case, a journey can always hide some unforeseen circumstances, and for this reason, it is a good idea to carry stones that have good luck effects in relation to travel.

Obviously, the most comfortable way to use a stone while travelling is to wear it in any shape, possibly making it remain in close contact with the skin for as long as possible. Alternatively, if for some reason it is impossible to wear it, it is advisable to carry it inside a bag made of natural fibers and always keep it with you.

6 Stones To Use When Travelling As A Lucky Charm

  1. Blue chalcedony

This crystal is also known as the " travel stone " and is considered a strong lucky charm in this area. Its vibrations have a decisive influence on the mental aspect, arousing a strong optimism that allows you to better appreciate what is around you, allowing you to fully enjoy the travel experience. Since the blue chalcedony is linked to the air element, its use is highly recommended for those travelling by plane.

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise is undoubtedly even better known, also considered one of the best stones to protect during travel, especially those related to the workplace. In addition to a general protective effect against negative events during travel, it acts specifically as a shield against accidents (of any kind) and theft, two of the most common types of negative events in this context.

  1. Moonstone

It is closely related to the element of water, therefore it is particularly suitable for trips that include, or are entirely composed of, routes by sea, for example, a cruise. Another interesting feature of moonstone is that of conciliating sleep and promoting a better rest, which makes it very useful during a trip to always guarantee the maximum strength available. Its use is very indicated even when one decides to undertake a " journey inside oneself " through meditation practice.

  1. Amber

A pleasant thought could be to give amber to a loved one who is about to undertake a long journey, having a general protective effect against possible risks. It is even more useful if the person in question tends to bear little stress, as amber helps to reduce it. Finally, it makes it easier to cope with the symptoms of allergies and the annoying consequences of asthma.

  1. Aquamarine

As can be deduced from the name, similar to turquoise, this stone is particularly suitable for protecting against risks in marine journeys, and for this reason, it is used by many sailors. From the physical point of view, the aquamarine helps fight respiratory infections, and this can only please all those who decide to spend several days at sea because the humid climate and cold air can easily cause a sore throat or cold. Finally, it helps to become familiar with water and swimming, which can be indispensable in dangerous situations.

  1. Agate

It has always been considered a defensive stone in many ways and a valid lucky charm. The agate contributes to the protection of the whole organism, favouring the function of many internal organs and also the process of digestion and assimilation of food. This ability can be very useful if you decide to take a trip to places where the kitchen is very different from ours, which can cause discomfort such as fatigue or dysfunctions of the digestive system. As for the movements, the agate is better suited for journeys by land, being closely linked to this natural element.

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