Crystals to boost your mood


Crystals are powerful tools and are obtained from the earth, so when we work with them, they can connect us to the planet's healing and grounding energy. These crystals also contain the same ingredients and minerals that exist in the human body. They possess vibrational energy which can transport their healing power into our bodies. Each crystal has its own benefits, and some are helpful with emotional balance, stress relief and some help in relaxation.

Each crystal has a specific purpose. Some are great for getting money while others can help out in the love department. One needs to put in the little effort. But if you're already doing the work to welcome more joy, positivity, and happiness in your life, a crystal collection could provide a fun little boost in the right direction. Here are some great stones to start with:

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Just looking at this vibrant yellow stone is enough to make you smile. This crystal has a golden yellow tone, so naturally it reminds us of the sunshine. This crystal absorbs negative energy and emotions; it is great for giving you a little boost of optimism. Citrine invites prosperity and abundance into our lives.


Smoky quartz is one of the best healing crystals for protection, as it can act as a shield against unwanted negative energy. Meditating while holding this crystal in your hand can help you identify and let go of old, sticky patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. Removing this old energy can help clear space for new and more positive energy coming in.


Known as the all-purpose stone, it is available in various shades of violet, lilac and occasionally vibrant purple. This crystal resonates with the third eye chakra, opening the gateway to divine consciousness and a higher intuition. The amethyst can provide clarity when experiencing confusion and can help relieve stress and anxiety. This is the ‘traveller’s stone’, the amethyst is said to help with protection when travelling. It is also believed to help with insomnia, mood and immunity.


Black tourmaline acts like an energy bodyguard, one of the most protective stones and its deep black color can help repel any negative energy and turn it into positive energy. It's a great stone to keep around maintaining a light and positive vibe at home.


Rose quartz is the healing stone of unconditional love. It's thought to open up the heart chakra and encourage us to forgive others and more importantly ourselves. Use this chakra stone with the intention to nurture and support you on your journey to find self-love.


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