Crystals That Work As A Protection Grid Around You

Crystals That Work As A Protection Grid Around You

There are stones and crystals that channel energy more than others, repel, attract or reinforce certain energy frequencies.

The stones that we recommend for personal protection are:

  1. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is certainly one of the generic protection magic stones, suitable for many purposes. Create the equivalent of an electric force field around your aura so that lower vibrations and psychic debris bounce off you. Useful in everyday life.

  1. Labradorite:

Labradorite is one of the magic stones of protection against psychic attacks. The psychic attack can take many forms, in this case, we are talking about people who hate you, who gossip about you and who want your total, epic ruin. This also applies to people who are fixated on you in a love interest (unpaid), who want something from you (that you don't want to give) and/or who are manipulating your energies to satisfy their need, lack or emptiness. Wearing labradorite is like putting a shield or armour on your heart chakra. At labradorite, it is advisable to hook one heart stone, like rose quartz or pink kunzite to add a buffer zone filled with compassion.

  1. Pyrites:

It is a fantastic stone to attract abundance and prosperity but few know that it has the power to delay the negative energies straight to the sender. If, for example, in the office, there is a colleague who irritates you with his "poisonous" comments, keep pyrite (in your pocket or on your desk) with you to prevent its negativity from affecting your energy field.

  1. Black onyx:

Stimulates resilience and transforms low energies into positive energy.

  1. Black tourmaline:

Cleans the environment of residual energy and has a protective function.

  1. Black cyanite:

Protects the aura from the intrusions of negative energy.

  1. Calcite:

It balances the energies and raises the vibrations inside the environments.

How to use them

You can wear them, create a protective grid or place them inside the environments you want to purify. They are also excellent for meditation.

  • Body Grid

You can build a grid of crystals around the body using selenite, black onyx and black tourmaline. Lie on the floor and place two tumbled black onyx stones under your feet, a small piece of black tourmaline on your throat to eliminate tension caused by blocked energy and selenite on the crown chakra. You can add green fluorite to the fourth chakra to purify the heart and support it with positive vibrations.

  • Home protection grids
  • To remove stagnant energies put a piece of black tourmaline in every corner of the room.
  • To create a "shield" against negativity put a black tourmaline stone on each corner of the house.
  • Take a glass container and fill it with water. Add a handful of salt and a medium-sized black tourmaline. Keep it at the entrance and it will absorb the low vibrations preventing you from bringing them inside the house.

Wearable stones

Buy a black obsidian bracelet and necklace. Purify them by burning a little holy post and make the intention. For example: "I want these stones to protect me". If the stones will break after some time it means that the obsidian has protected you from strong negativity.

Removing energy strings

When we help a person, who is going through a difficult time, we accumulate negative energy. To continue to be a source of support, the attachment that has been created must be removed. Take a piece of raw black cyanite and gently rotate it at the sixth chakra, behind the head, on the shoulders and on the feet. Then download it by pointing it to the ground (possibly outside the home) and imagine that a white light envelops it purifying it and making any accumulated negativity disappear.

Working with protective crystals will allow you to feel more charged and stable. Don't use them only when you feel vulnerable: before leaving home, find a few moments to protect yourself and balance your energy.

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