Crystals That Help Calm You When You Have Reached A Boiling Point Of Anxiety

Crystals That Help Calm You When You Have Reached A Boiling Point Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem among the population. It is one of the most frequent psychological problems in reality. It is now seen as a pathology when it is more correct to speak of an alarm bell present in our body. It makes us understand that something in our behaviour patterns does not work. While most remedies against anxiety tell us about how to treat the symptoms, very few leads to the origin, to the thing that gives rise to the anxious state. Through crystal therapy, you could instead find a good path of self-analysis.

The best stones to fight it are those that bring us into the present and increase our awareness. This is because of all the causes of anxiety one of the most important and that we spend most of our life under a sort of autopilot. We sacrifice ourselves without ever listening to our needs, we run forward without ever enjoying the moment.

Anxiety is manifested as a feeling of apprehension in the morning. He sees his day too full and worries, he is tired even before leaving. He is always worried and negative thoughts appear. There are pains that seem so real that they push you to the doctor's consultation, obsessive fears, dizziness, nausea, tremors, excessive sweating ... The anxious characters know this well, anxiety is something too real and really compromises the life of a person.

Crystal therapy against anxiety, the right stones

  1. Tiger's eye: if the anxiety you have comes from the feeling of being inadequate, then the tiger's eye can do just for you.
  2. Amethyst: it is useful for all nervous diseases. So not only anxiety but also depression, phobias and very strong states of stress.
  3. Green fluorite: that anxiety that comes from the idea of ​​ separation, can be overcome thanks to the green fluorite that goes to investigate in the depth of this emotion.
  4. Magnesite: it is useful for the anxiety that arises because of diversity. Anxiety arises when someone takes longer than you to do something or does not behave as you would. Magnesite is useful to investigate these situations in depth.
  5. Hematite: you are continually afraid of the future and the most terrifying thoughts haunt you. With hematite, you can face things with a superior concreteness.
  6. Rose quartz: it relaxes the atmosphere and automatically makes the environment much more relaxing and no longer a constant source of stress. One speaks therefore of anxiety caused by an environment that we consider not hospitable.

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