crystal-braceletsHealing crystals are officially back with gusto. The glittering gems are said to have positive healing energy, but the science is still out on that.

Regardless, these stones, like everything else in the universe, are made up of energy, and if you’re looking to channel some good vibrations it’s as good a place to start as any. 

How can one make use of crystals for their workouts?

Other than carrying it in your pocket or wearing it in jewellery, if the crystal you’re using isn’t water soluble you can place it in your water bottle and infuse good vibes from the inside or post workout, place the crystals in your bathtub and let your muscles recover while you soak in the positive vibrations.

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Have a look at some of the crystals that can be best used for your workout sessions.


Bloodstone - a dark-green jasper crystal flecked with red, which resembles blood. Known and used since ancient times for protection and to stimulate energy. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that promotes motivation, courage and confidence. It was often carried in armour by ancient warriors who went for battles. If it’s good enough for warriors, it can probably get you through a session in the gym too.

Tiger Eye

If you are trying to achieve a certain fitness goal, the Tiger Eye crystal’s energy is all about focusing those dreams and making them a reality. Tiger Eye has strong properties to release fear and anxiety while stimulating action. Just like a tiger, this stone gives you the focus to form a plan of attack and see it through with passion and ferocity. 

Black Onyx

When you need a little boost of self-confidence in your own athletic abilities, Black Onyx should do the trick. This stone absorbs and transforms negative energies. It is a great stone to increase stamina and personal power. Black Onyx will take any toxic self-doubts and give you clarity of mind which is essential for taking on any physical challenges. 


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