Our house is such a consecrated space. It is the place you and your family have assembled your coexistence. It is the place your kids and friends and family dwell. So normally, you need to keep the quiet and positive energies streaming to make amicability in the home. Utilizing gem networks in your house is very amazing in light of the fact that it makes a relationship between sacrosanct geometry, your aim and your goal for your space. It is continually putting out your goal and positive vitality when you make and initiate it. Putting a precious stone framework loaded up with gems for harmony and love will fill your home with alleviating and agreeable energies to make a magnificent situation for your family. 

A portion of our most loved precious stones for harmony are Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Agate. Utilizing our Flower of Life precious stone framework fabric, Energy Muse prime supporter, Heather Askinosie, has made this amazing gem network to bring harmony, love, and amicability into your home. Figure out how to re-make it in your space!

Locate a focal spot in your home to set up your framework with your gems for harmony, love, and congruity. Lay your precious stone matrix fabric with the goal that it lays level. We like to put other holy articles, similar to gem focuses, singing dishes, sage, and candles, around our grid– feel allowed to utilize whatever you like! Spot your collapsed paper with your expectation for your space in the middle. (We didn't put one in the photograph so you could more readily observe the arrangement of the stones). Beginning from the external hover of your matrix, place your 8 Clear Quartz stones, 4 Jade stones, and 4 Agate stones; we made an example for our own, however, you can utilize your instinct while setting yours! The Clear Quartz empowers and initiates the vitality of the various stones on your lattice. Regularly just idea of as a flourishing stone, Jade brings harmony, joy, and congruity. It likewise advances the stream of cash and plenitude into your home. Agate conveys solid recuperating and defensive energies, bringing those into your space.

Next, in the center "circle", place your 4 Citrine stones, 4 Amethyst stones and 4 of your Fluorite Stones. Citrine transmits light, filling your home with satisfaction, delight and positive vitality. Amethyst brings quieting, relieving and serene energies. It likewise replaces any negative vitality with positive vitality, purifying the vitality of your home. Fluorite is a standout amongst the best stones for vitality purifying as it kills every single negative vitality. It encourages the stream of positive vitality, reviving the vitality of your home.

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