Crystals That Bring In Good Vibrations

Crystals That Bring In Good Vibrations

We all want to be happy and at peace at all times and for this to happen, our etheric body needs to be energetic. The etheric body is the energy field surrounding us and great vibrations in our energy field help in us being happy.

Having good vibrations in our etheric body helps not only in improving our physical health but also, our mental and spiritual health.

What is good vibration?

Vibrations are nothing but the energy levels within your body and when the energy levels are optimum, they result in good health. It is important to have good vibrations in our etheric body to be happy and healthy at all times.

Our etheric body is made up of seven vortices known as the chakras and each chakra represents different parts of the body. Each chakra responds to a different vibration and crystal can be used to increase the vibrations in the chakras.

How do vibrations help you?

Low vibrations result in you feeling unwell or really low. When you become aware of the low vibrations in your body and want to do something about it, crystals come as a strong tool to provide good vibrations to your chakras and in turn, your body. you feel good instantly and the good vibrations passing through your body uplift your mood and your health.

Different crystals have different vibrations and affect different body parts, thus, it is important to know which crystal is required at what time and for which purpose.

Crystals that lift your vibrations

  • Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz crystal has high vibrations and aids in good physical, emotional, and mental health. Place them in as many rooms in your home as possible. The stone is known to provide that ‘happy’ feeling and uplift our mood and provide a sense of balance.

  • Amethyst

The magical crystal is a must have stone when one requires high vibrations and improve focus and concentration. It is also known as the stone of success.

  • Aventurine

One of the crystals with an abundance of good vibrations, Aventurine is known to improve focus and helps in getting monetary gains in addition to providing mental and spiritual growth.

  • Tiger Eye

The calming stone is known to balance at trying times and has great vibrations that help in getting better insight. Tiger Eye has grounding ability and helps in making the right decisions at the right time.  

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