Crystals For Your Kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is one of the most sacred places in the house. This is the space where you cook food for yourself and your family and you want to it be delicious as well as filled with love. It is said that if you have positive thoughts in your mind while cooking your find, these thoughts find their way into other people when they eat that food prepared by you.
So, it is imperative that a happy and optimistic atmosphere is maintained inside your kitchen. There are healing crystals that you can place in your kitchen to charge the aura inside that space and fill it with bright energies and confidence that will help you in preparing a lip-smacking meal.
Following is a list of few crystals that can bring such energies into the kitchen:


This crystal is considered to be filled with the bright energy of the sun and said to bring abundance to the user. Citrine will always ensure that the kitchen is filled with high-spirited vibes and joyous thoughts that encourage you to prepare your best meal ever.
It will motivate you to try something new and experience with your cooking skills.

Rose Quartz

Ever wondered why every dish that your mother prepares tastes delicious every single time? This is because she cooks for you with immense love in her heart and compassion towards you. These feelings can be instilled in the kitchen by placing a chunk of rose quartz in it.
This crystal will encourage you to open your heart for others and serve them tasty meals that they would never forget. Rose quartz will help you to include the secret ingredient in every dish – love.

Blue Apatite

This is a crystal that clears away confusion and negativity and stimulates the intellect. This is very useful in the kitchen if you are preparing any dish because it helps you to recollect the correct recipe without much effort.
This crystal also enhances communication which helps you to work together in the kitchen with your mother, friend, wife, husband etc. Another advantage of using blue apatite is that it suppresses hunger and keeps you from crunching snacks continuously while in the kitchen.


This crystal emits energy that is as bright as its fiery orange surface. This crystal is best-suited for the kitchen because it delivers confidence and gives you the much-needed stamina to work in the kitchen. Carnelian also boosts your creativity and motivates you to prepare scrumptious meals of your own.

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