Crystals for Weight Loss

In the age of information and technology, most jobs require you to sit in one place and concentrate on a screen, giving you very little time to dedicate towards health and physical well-being.
This can eventually turn into a weight problem, where you just stuff your face with junk food without much regard for your body, because of your mundane job, that kind of dopamine is the only relief you have left. Fast forward to 3 years, and you have a round belly, a moon-face, and can’t walk more than 100 meters without requiring stoppage.
If this horror story defines you at your present state or you feel yourself transitioning towards this phase, maybe it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror, and start getting your life and shape back in order! There are numerous guides, diet plans, workout routines, hacks, tips and tricks, etc. out there that claim to help you get back in shape in unrealistic times. But one way that can help you take the power back in your own hands is taking the help of healing crystals.

Blue Apatite:

This beautiful blue crystal’s name sounds like ‘appetite’ but it is anything but friends with unhealthy eating habits. Mostly weight gain can be a cause of a toxic relationship with food, and Blue Apatite helps you suppress hunger, making you eat only as much as required.


Sodalite is a nother royal looking blue gem that allows you to develop a better restraint and will power to go through the process of weight loss. Weight gain also has a lot to do with your metabolism slowing down and not digesting all you eat. That is what Sodalite can help you out with, by improving your metabolism.

Clear Quartz:

Anybody that knows anything about crystals knows that clear quartz is said to be the master healer of all crystals. Unhealthy weight gain is nothing short of a fatal disease that kills you at the slowest rate, starting with killing your social life and self-esteem. With clear quartz, you can start taking back control one step at a time, by healing your mind and giving you the strength to go through transformation.


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