Crystals for weight loss may be of value to use if you have tried other methods and have not been successful. Many crystals to aid one with losing weight have a beneficial effect within the digestive system. But there are a number of other attributes that make these crystals so effective.

These crystals are not going to jog around the block on one’s behalf. What they do is provide the specific energies and vibrations that enable them to achieve weight loss goals.  It is the crystal healing energy that will help.

Crystals will work to help you keep to your diet and exercise plan, encouraging you to make good choices and also to aid with creating new, healthier habits. One should keep in mind that losing weight helps become healthy in a healthy way.  This can take much more time and effort than some of the quick fixes out there. 

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Isn’t it worth this extra time and effort if ultimately any excess weight comes off and stays off you? Have a look at crystals that can help you in the weight loss process.


Eating is used as a celebration during special occasions meaning there is a reason to overeat for every circumstance.  Overeating and eating poorly can quickly become a habit, with the same cravings and difficulty to recover from as any addiction.  Amethyst is great for addiction recovery. It breaks old eating habits leaving space to build new healthy ones


Clear quartz is known as “The Master Healer” for very good reason. As one starts seeing weight lost this crystal heals them both physically and emotionally.  It also boosts the power of the other crystals it is used with.


This crystal increases self-esteem and encourages self-love.  Almost everybody who needs to lose weight will find it very difficult and it is easy to become frustrated with yourself and start believing negative things about themself such as one can’t do it or don’t deserve to be healthy.  These negative thoughts are totally wrong and can easily end up obstructing the weight loss attempts and can even lead to you gaining more weight as a result.  Rose quartz helps one to learn to love and respect themself and understand one can do so this.


So, this was about healing crystals and how to make use of them for weight loss. Want solutions to your other requirements as well? Look out for health bracelets, success bracelets, charm bracelets, money bracelets, stress bracelets, evil eye bracelets and also bracelets such as sleep bracelets and chakra bracelets at our website CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS.

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