Crystals for the Soul Searching

Crystals for the Soul Searching

Why do people search for their soul? Why do they feel the need for a deeper connection with their minds? The common answer to both of these questions is depression and stress. Because of the fast-paced lives, people do not have time even to look after themselves, let alone their friends and family. Relationships have become very fragile now and are easily broken. The stress of everyday work has led people to live a very constrained and measured life which is hampering their emotional growth. Most people will go ‘soul searching’ during such difficult times. Soul searching helps you to take a step back, examine your life and yourself with the motive of replenishing your soul. Crystals have been used by humans since ancient times to help develop this sort of connection with the universe. These crystals clear your mind and enhance your concentration and focus while keeping negativity in check. A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

1. Amethyst: This is a stone that interacts with your Third-eye and Crown chakras, thereby enhancing your psychic abilities. You are able to form a connection with the universe once your Crown chakra is free from any kind of negativity and toxic energies. Amethyst is a crystal that helps to keep your Crown chakra balanced. Thus you tend to attain concentration and focus and you also get an insight into the self. By working with your Third-eye chakra, Amethyst helps to develop your intuitive powers and you tend to make better choices.

2. Moldavite: This stone is used to tackle the stagnancy in life. If you feel that you are stuck at a certain point in your life and you are unable to make any progress, then moldavite will inspire some changes within you and will give you the right push wherever necessary. It also injects a sense of inner peace and removes all the negative energies that stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Moldavite strengthens your heart and promotes inner transformation. This stone also helps you to connect with your higher consciousness and find the true meaning of your life.

3. Lapis Lazuli: Being one of the most ancient stones, Lapis Lazuli has powers that are known to help you guide in your journey of soul searching. It opens up your third-eye chakra which helps you to dive into your subconscious to identify your purpose in life. This stone helps you to see through the illusions in your life by promoting mental clarity and focus. This stone is beneficial for discovering your inner truth and helps in connecting with your personal source of a higher power.

4. Lemurian Quartz: This is a stone that aids in your spiritual awakening. Lemurian quartz helps you to connect with the universe and discover your true purpose in life. The power of this stone also helps to amplify your wishes as well as intentions. Lemurian quartz is a stone that connects you to the hidden knowledge inside you and also removes the blockages from all your chakras. This is often called a “Master Crystal” because it impacts every energy centre within your body.

These crystals are a medium that would assist you in your soul searching. If you truly wish to connect with the energy that helps you to explore yourself, then first you need to develop self-love and gratitude for who you are as a person and how far you have come in life.

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