It’s that time of year again - festival season is upon us. 

Festive season is an annually recurring period recognized by many as an auspicious time of the year where family and friends get together to celebrate the season of joy, fun and bondness. It is the festive spirit that keeps all in the mood of celebration with spirits of goodness. Everyone has their own way of celebrating a festival. It is a very nice personal feeling where the family gets into decorating their homes, family get-together happens. People wish to enjoy these times the most, relax their minds and body out.

Crystals are extremely good for uplifting festive spirit mood with positive vibes and increasing the good vibes in you, around you with their natural healing powers

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Here are some festive season crystals for you.


Sodalite is a stone that connects one's intuitive abilities, to their forms of expression, particularly those of a communicative nature. It is a stone that defines our journey and while it can be useful in spiritual ceremonies or rituals, it also can be applied to a festival experience. It creates a sense of awareness where we can draw upon said experiences, helping us to accurately read the energy of others and of ourselves. With the self in particular, it helps open up the subconscious. And we may want to listen and wear a bit of that self-expression, to strengthen our ability to use our words so that they are received as intended back in our everyday life.


Aquamarine is a cooling water energy stone that brings welcome relief. As a cleansing and clearing stone, it may make you forget about the dust or dirt that you can’t seem to escape. It also is a stone about communication, which is exactly what you need when you manage to lose your friends and can’t find your way back. What’s there to do but strike up a conversation with people, who may have a lead on an amazing performance.


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