Crystals for Sobriety

crystals for sobriety
People often tend to indulge in addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.
It doesn’t require much effort to embrace these habits but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to quit them.
Sobriety is something that can help you to deal with such addictions with ease. Many people use their sobriety as a platform to quit drinking, smoking, and drugs.
There are crystals that can help to develop a sense of soberness inside you and make you push through difficult choices.
These crystals ward off all the negativity inside you so that you develop a confident and strong approach towards life:

A few of these crystals are mentioned below:


This stone is considered to be a stabilizing stone that restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity.

Carnelian is known to give courage and promote positive life choices that pull you out of your addictions.
You can also use this stone to overcome abuse of any kind as carnelian is known to flush out all the toxicity from your mind that pulls you down.

Carnelian also dispels apathy and motivates for success.


Known as the ‘light maker’, citrine is a stone that can be used to promote positivity and joy.
This crystal is associated with wealth and abundance and hence is also known as the ‘success stone’.
Citrine offers you the necessary motivation to accomplish your goals without any delay.
The radiant energy of citrine helps you to stay sober and maintain a calm and composed demeanor.

Citrine can also be used with other stones to bring about prosperity in your life.


Called as the ‘Master Healer’, amethyst has healing powers that help to remove every single trace of negativity from your mind.
Amethyst also helps to balance all the chakras and helps with physical ailments and emotional balancing.
This stone was used in ancient times to prevent getting intoxicated from alcohol.
Amethyst is a beautiful stone that will nurture a feeling of sobriety inside you and will prevent you from overindulging into addictions.


Last but not least, aquamarine is a stone that is a must-have in your arsenal because it not only calms you down but also offers clarity to your mind and helps to look at the bigger picture.
Aquamarine also builds up tolerance and responsibility inside you and aids in meditation.
This stone heals emotional trauma, relieves stress and brings about peace of mind.
You will be more sober in life and will make the right decisions that would guide you on the right path.
Recovery is an individual experience but one still needs to do all that is necessary to stand up again in life and tread on the right path.
The constant physical and emotional pain that results due to addictions can be countered by using the crystals mentioned above.
Make sure that you use these crystals to develop a happy and prosperous life that is free of addictions.
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