Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom

Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom

After a long and tiring day at work, the only thing that matters when you come home is an undisturbed and long sleep. Not only an uninterrupted sleep is necessary for relieving stress but also for maintaining a sound physical and mental help. There might be several reasons like emotional stress, negative thoughts, bad dreams, etc that deprive an individual of much-needed sleep. Crystals are being used for many years to treat insomnia and have a positive effect if used in treating sleep-related problems. These crystals help you get peace of mind by deflecting negativity and healing your energy.

Below is a list of few crystals that ensure a healthy and peaceful sleep.

1.) Amethyst: This crystal opens up the crown chakra and helps in purifying your aura. It also has the ability to tap into your dreams because of which can experience cheerful dreams that are free from any kind of negativity.

2.) Rose Quartz: This crystal helps you to absorb loving energies from around you and helps you to maintain a calm and peaceful mind before going to sleep. Such a state of mind allows you to have a sound sleep for a long duration.

3.) Howlite: One of the primary factors that lead to disturbed sleep is stress and anxiety. Howlite is well known for its stress absorption properties and tends to absorb your worries and creates a stress-free atmosphere around you while you sleep.

4.) Selenite: This is one of the best crystals to treat insomnia. If you need a good sleep, just place selenite besides your bed and you will start feeling relaxed and composed. This calm composure will help in getting deep sleep.

5.) Moonstone: Being a gem for intuition, balance, and wishes, moonstone is famous for reducing emotional stress which makes it easier for the body to fall asleep. The charismatic properties of the moonstone aid in lucid dreaming and calm sleep.

Crystals have their own vibes and they help us to align with a specific frequency. Hence it is of paramount importance to understand which crystals are best suited for a particular space and which should be avoided. For a bedroom, it is wise to keep the crystals near the headboard, preferably under your pillow or on the nightstand beside your bed. If you keep the crystals far away from your bed, the effect of those crystals on your sleep cycles will be minimized.

Some other things to be avoided are listed below:

1.) Avoid placing a very large and different variety of crystals near your bed
2.) Avoid hanging crystals over your bed
3.) Avoid crystals that are action oriented
4.) Avoid using crystals with high vibrations in your bedroom

We have to remember that crystals are always going to be there to help us out whenever needed, but having clarity about their usage is a prime necessity while using them.

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