Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Crystals for Shiny and Healthy Hair

The people in this world are obsessed with beauty. Since the last 10 years, the beauty products market has seen a significant rise because the standard of living has increased and people are more inclined towards keeping themselves healthy and happy. A major share of this profit comes from hair products which are used on a large scale to have smooth and silky hair. However, many people are unaware of the fact that having shiny and healthy hair is possible with the help of crystals. When you stimulate your scalp with the help of these crystals it helps in energizing your scalp and injects the hair cells with nutrition which promotes hair growth and enrichment. These crystals are also used in preventing baldness, hair fall or split ends. Following are the crystals that can be used for having shiny and healthy hair:

1.) Lapis Lazuli: This crystal is majorly used to smoothen your hair and make them soft and silky. This beautiful crystal is very effective in conditioning your hair if used regularly. You can use this crystal to massage your scalp and hair once in a week.

2.) Moonstone: This stone is considered to be the best among the healing stones for thin hair problems. Moonstone helps in moisturizing your hair which prevents hair breakage and strengthens your hair. If moonstone is used with ruby and lapis lazuli then it powers up your heart chakra and third eye chakra which aids in keeping your hair soft and silky.

3.) Smoky Quartz: If your hair is infected with dandruff or lice, then smoky quartz is the best option for you. Smoky Quartz is very useful in killing the toxins and microbes in your hair thereby strengthening them and making them shine. Smoky Quartz works best if used with carnelian and peridot as it powers up your solar plexus chakra along with the heart chakra and thus helps to make your hair tangle-free, smooth and soft.

4.) Agate: There are times when your hair just doesn’t feel like the way you want them to be and get all tangled and frizzy. In such cases, black agate is of utmost importance as it has properties that help in keeping the hair smooth and aligned.

5.) Amethyst: This crystal is mainly used in treating discolored hair. Factors such as pollution and stress lead to discoloration of hair. Amethyst has properties that help to revive your hair color and make them look shiny and beautiful. If you use the Amethyst while combing your hair in the morning, the crystal vibrations interact with your scalp and hair and renew the cells within which leads to the darkening of hair color.

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