Crystals for Self-Love and More Creative Flow

Crystals for Self-Love and More Creative Flow

It does not matter how much you care for others or how much love you spread in the world if you don’t start loving yourself first. Self-love is a powerful emotion that should not be ignored if you wish to lead a peaceful and content life. You need to have a regard for your own well-being and happiness because if you are healthy and happy, only then will your family and the people around you will benefit from your love. Creativity is another state of mind which everyone has in one form or another. The sacral chakra is the one that monitors the creativity inside an individual and hence this chakra should be activated if you wish to be creative and utilize that creativity efficiently. Following is a list of crystals that will help to promote creativity and self-love:

1.) Chrysoprase: This is a very delightful stone that can be used to attract love, abundance, and prosperity. The healing energies of this crystal will help you to undergo an emotional makeover. Chrysoprase is known to manifest optimism, joy, and happiness. This stone is also considered to be one of the best anti-depressants in the world. It helps attract the abundance of love, be it self-love or affection towards other people in your life.

2.) Aventurine: This stone is known to stabilize the state of mind of an individual. It also enhances your creativity and allows you to express your thoughts with the help of different mediums. Aventurine helps you to look for possible outcomes for a given situation by enhancing your creativity. This stone is well known for honing your thinking process so that you are able to make smart decisions in your life. Aventurine also stimulates your perception so that you are able to understand what is best for your happiness and well-being.

3.) Celestite: This is a stone that is very useful for artists because it helps them to open up their heart and let their emotions flow. It urges a person to create room for new opportunities in his life and gain maximum benefit from it. If you place the celestite on your third eye chakra, then you can open a connection to universal energies so that your creativity is inspired due to it.

4.) Rose quartz: This is the stone of universal love. It opens up your heart chakra which allows you to restore trust and release negativity about your relationship with others. Rose quartz helps to replace the dark feelings about yourself with love and compassion. You incline to have faith in yourself and learn to respect your body and soul. The soft energy of this stone helps to bring tenderness to your way of thinking. Rose quartz helps you to be a loving being to anyone, even yourself.

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