Crystals For Positive New Beginnings In Life

Crystals For Positive New Beginnings In Life

Crystal therapy is an increasingly common practice. The idea is that stones and minerals have almost magical energetic properties, able to come into contact with living forms and bring harmony and psycho-physical balance to those who keep them close.

There are many people who believe that these natural elements can bring benefits to the body and mind and since they are also beautiful, believe it or not, you will certainly not make a bad impression wearing them in the form of bracelets and pendants to verify their effectiveness.

  1. The amethyst has a strong spiritual connotation.

Amethyst is considered a rebalancing stone, which brings calm and concentration, calming the most aggressive instincts and favouring humility, justice, and honesty. It is often used in environments, to bring positive energy into rooms like living rooms and dining rooms, where people are welcomed. On a physical level, it is believed that it can help resolve skin and nervous system disorders.

  1. Carnelian and aragonite:

The Carnelian stone stimulates psycho-physical energy and creativity. It is a stone widely used for meditation because it helps to stay focused on the present and to let go of the past. Aragonite benefits from the earth and stimulates the connection with nature, revealing itself as complementary to carnelian in stimulating the separation between past and present.

  1. Celestite and rose quartz

Rose quartz and celestite together are a winning combination. The first is a symbol of universal love, strengthens self-esteem and empathy and reduces negative feelings such as jealousy and envy. The second promotes communication and expressiveness and is an excellent antidote against stress and fear. The combination of the two produces strong positive energy, able to help you go through difficult times, especially in relationships

  1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the most widely used crystal for treating allergies. It belongs to the family of beryls, cyclosilicates that contain beryllium and aluminum. Cyclosilicates reduce tension, improve energy flow in the body, regulate metabolism and strengthen the activity of the immune system. The roots of the deep purifying effect of aquamarine are not to be found only in its ability to restore a healthy balance of body fluids (including lymph and tissues), but also in its power to relax and at the same time strengthen the mind and spirit.

  1. Agate

Agate has invigorating, energizing and harmonizing effects on all the organs of the abdominal area. It strengthens the connective tissues by providing protection to the organs and ensuring their stability. It facilitates the renewal of cells and tissues, and consequently the constant regeneration of organs. It stimulates tissue repair, nutrient assimilation, the expulsion of toxins and waste products, supporting the functioning of the organs and strengthening the immune system. Thanks to its protective effects on blood vessels, it facilitates and promotes the connection between the organs and the distribution of the substances they need. Agate makes the entire abdomen suitable for the tasks it is responsible for, in terms of digestion and metabolism, protecting against infections and inflammation.

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