Crystals for popularity

Everybody in this world wants to go up the ladder of success and achieve fame, popularity and wealth.
However, not all of those people have the grit and determination to take the necessary efforts and implement a “never back down” attitude in their lives.
Such people often have feelings like stress, lack of confidence, fear as well as anxiety.
To gain success and popularity in life, one must understand that it is very vital to get rid of such feelings and implement an optimistic and confident approach.
There are certain crystals which can help you to overcome your traits and amplify your good qualities to achieve what you desire in life.
These crystals work on you physically as well as emotionally and remove your lethargic approach by instilling positivity, vitality, and confidence inside you.
Most of these crystals are orange in colour because it is the colour of encouragement, praise, companionship, and affection.

A few of these crystals are mentioned below in detail:


sunstone crystal

When it comes to achieving popularity, sunstone is a crystal you can easily rely on. Being an abundance stone, sunstone encourages independence and originality.
It reveals your talents to the outside world which helps to attract fame and prosperity.
This crystal helps in alleviating fear and stress and emits a rich and positive spectrum of energies that offer an emotional balance and promote enthusiasm.



This is one of the premier stones to attract wealth, prosperity and success.
The soothing energies of this crystal help you to walk through unresolved emotional issues that are affecting your progress.
The adventurous energy of this stone makes you take challenging yet productive decisions that bring in popularity and fame in your life.
Being the stone of opportunity, aventurine opens the door to new ventures.


pyrite stone

Once you start treading on the path to popularity, there are going to some difficult and challenging situations in front of you which you need to tackle efficiently. Pyrite is a stone which guards against ongoing control, criticism or manipulation and changes the balance of power in your favor.
This stone also inspires creativity in a lot of fields which makes it one of the most sought after stone for success.
Pyrite boosts your self-worth and encourages leadership qualities inside you which propel you in your career.



This crystal is a very powerful and productive stone when it comes to attracting wealth, success and popularity.
This stone stimulates the brain and strengthens your intellect which makes you come up with new and interesting ideas.
It also encourages self-expression and promotes motivation.
Citrine helps to release depression, negative traits, fear as well as phobias.
The radiant energy of citrine brightens up your life and brings in fame into your life.

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