Crystals have been used to heal the mind, body and soul since ancient times. These precious and beautiful natural earth crystals were used as accessories for their aesthetic value and to harness their alleged natural healing potentials as well. Research says the ancient Egyptians used specific crystal recipes for therapeutic and protective purposes.

Using crystals to improve physical and mental health is known as crystal therapy. Proponents of this type of traditional therapy believe that all crystals transmit certain vibrations and serve as a source of positive energy generation.

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Have a look at the various crystals used for good mental health.


Amethyst is a purple form of quartz that is said to contain purifying, healing, and protective properties. Crystal experts assert that this popular gemstone can help you reduce negative thoughts, insomnia, and provide relief from stress. People in drug recovery may benefit from the use of amethyst as it is believed to promote sobriety.  


Selenite can help quiet a racing mind and may bring clarity to those struggling with cloudy or foggy thoughts. Try holding Selenite while meditating or practicing yoga. Doing so can focus and enhance ones practice by allowing one to empty their mind, set clear intentions and bring emotional balance and stability to the forefront.


If your relationships are causing you emotional distress, rose quartz can help you, as it is believed to facilitate the renewal of harmonious relationships and trust. This pinkish stone can also restore your mental well-being, particularly during times of sustained grief, frustration or stress.


Smokey quartz is an inexpensive stone which has immense healing powers for stress. If one gets exhausted or tired, then this crystal can work to calm you down and channel ones extra energy which is present in their chakras so that it gets eliminated from the body. So the energy which is left behind is only positive. Because of these qualities, quartz is considered wonderful in matters of anxiety and stress.


It is yet another wonderful crystal when it comes to various mental health issues. If you are fighting against poor self-esteem or dealing with mood swings, use this stone. Tiger’s eye has got great stabilizing power, which makes it the perfect companion stone.


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