Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

We all know what dreams are. They are a subconscious experience that we have while we’re asleep. But did you know, every night we watch several hundred possibly thousands of dreams? We just happen to remember bits and pieces of the last one we see. But what if there was a way to navigate the dream world while you’re fully aware of everything and in control?
Many people suffer from the occasional sleep paralysis where they get stuck between worlds and are conscious of both the real and the dream world. This can be a scary experience.
But when done intentionally, following a few steps you can be in control of your dreams. This method is called lucid dreaming, and today we’re going to read about how we can employ crystals to help us practice this magic with even more efficiency.
Entering your dream world consciously can be a mixed bag of experiences, with some bad ones being really terrible and possibly traumatizing. With the help of these crystals, you can feel in more control and calm while entering your subconscious mind.
Moonstone – This is a sleeping stone with strong lunar connections that helps in establishing healthy sleep patterns and peaceful sleep. It also brings an awareness of the unconscious mind which is essential for lucid dreaming.

Amethyst – This mystical purple stone is the ideal crystal for lucid dreaming. It helps you open the third eye chakra, and stimulates your mind to connect it to higher consciousness. Its presence is exceptional for vivid dreams.

Moldavite – This alien-looking olive green stone has extra-terrestrial qualities. Its soothing demeanor will help you cross boundaries while you’re lucid dreaming, while also supporting your intentions and control.

Herkimer Diamond – This is an excellent stone to exercise your powers of memory. When lucid dreaming, this record-keeper stone is an excellent tool for you to wake up and recall the necessary details of your lucid experience.
Phenacite – Phenacite is a high vibration crystal that has perfect roles around the bed of an active lucid dreamer. It is high energy that helps you stay aware when dreaming, supporting your cause, and helping you achieve a lucid state more efficiently.

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