Crystals for kids to help them protect themselves and stay calm


Healing crystals are not only for adults. It works best for young children as well since they keep more faith in anything than their elders do. Incorporating crystals for kids is easy –they can be worn on the body as jewellery larger stones can be tucked inside a dream pillow, placed directly on the body or held during meditation, or placed on a high shelf in the bedroom.

Crystals have helped so many heal from so many situations and these crystals are continuing the good work for the buyers who have bought from us. So why not for the kids? We cater to popular bracelets in the form of money bracelets, health bracelets, sleep bracelets, protection bracelets, student bracelets and stress bracelets on our online platform.

Below is a selection of some beginner crystals for your kids.


Amethyst might be the best stone your kid can have since it brings both calming energy and confidence into the child’s life.

Amethyst is known for bringing emotional assistance and spiritual guidance, which is very important for every child. The calming nature of the stone helps a child to have a peaceful sleep that will strengthen their emotions and physical life. To keep kids healthy and happy, Amethyst healing crystals should be kept in their school bags or near their bed.


Aquamarine can help a child make it through the tough mental barriers since it acts as a therapy to the people dealing with emotional sickness. These crystal benefits children retain information and help them during their tests. Kids can take this stone to the exams for good luck and to help retain what's been prepared.


When the child is an avoidant who is never too open about what they're feeling and lacks empathy, Rose Quartz is the one to get. These orgonite crystals for children make the children open up about their feelings and become more expressive. The warm energy of the stone will make the child have unconditional love for self and others around.

Keeping this stone near the child when he/ she sleep will transfer the energy to them in their sleep


This all-black looking quartz for kids is best known for protecting them from negative energies and self-doubt. Balancing courage and the power to strip the evil off are the features of Black Tourmaline.

Tourmalines are the best crystals for child protection. This stone helps the children to feel safe and reduces to fear to combat any negative energy. This makes them more confident than other children around.

Black Tourmaline should be with the children when they go to school. Not only it will give them protection, but it will also make them confident.


Carnelian is best known for elevating self-esteem and having a more open-minded outlook on life. These are the most important characteristics a child should have. It helps kids trust themselves in every situation which elevates their self-esteem. The stone will give them confidence and a great deal of creativity

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