Crystals for Improving Eyesight

Crystals for Improving Eyesight

Crystals are being used for treating eye-related problems for many years now. The healing properties of the crystals help to relieve the strain on your eyes and improve the eyesight. To make the best use of these crystals, one must meditate with them by placing the crystals on the brows or Third Eye Chakra. Following crystals can be used for treating eye-related problems:

1.) Aquamarine: This is considered to be one of the most powerful stones when it comes to healing. If eyes are washed using the water infused by aquamarine, then it helps to relieve the toxins from your eyes. If you do not wish to mix the crystal with water, you can tape this crystal to your bottle from the outside and keep it idle for overnight. Aquamarine beads can also be worn on your throat chakra as it helps in purifying the eye cavity.

2.) Emerald: Our eyes are very susceptible to UV rays. During summers if we spend a couple of hours in the scorching heat, it strains our eyes to a large extent and they start itching or become dry. Emerald is the best crystal that helps relieve the stress from our eyes and protects them from the sun. Carrying an emerald with you while going out in the sun will provide you protection from the harmful UV rays.

3.) Malachite: This gemstone helps to prevent the eyes from paining by relaxing the inflamed nerves inside them. It also helps in relieving the pressure on your eyes by boosting the blood circulation around them. Malachite is one of the primary crystals that is used while treating the eyes that are sore and watery.

4.) Aventurine: Aventurine helps to improve your eyesight. If this stone is held on the eyelids, it can help in improving the vision. It helps in repairing the muscles of your eyes, thereby strengthening them. Your eyes tend to get tired or develop black eye bags underneath after a long day at work or inadequate sleep. Aventurine helps in getting rid of these eye bags and removes stress from the eyes.

5.) Lapis Lazuli: This crystal is used in treating general eye problems such as pain, soreness, watery eyes, and itching. Lapis Lazuli aids in cellular restructuring which cures these problems. It removes fatigue from your eyes by increasing the blood circulation in them. The best way to use Lapis Lazuli for healing your eyes is to meditate by placing the stone on your Third Eye Chakra.

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