Crystals for Healers

Crystal healing is phenomenal. But do you know who needs its assistance the most? The earth angels, way seers, lightworkers, starseeds, Sharmans, or whatever you want to call them. The healers who bring this light like energy to us ordinary folks are the ones who need the assistance of the crystals the most. They need to continually replenish their empathy, which they use so much regularly. The light they bring to others can sometimes be exhausting for them, but their chosen journey of life has made sure they must at all times be at their charming, most energetic bests.

The healers have a higher understanding of human empathy, body, and healing than most people. That is why being surrounded by good energy and suitable crystals are even more critical. The crystals they choose to wear and keep in their healing rooms can be the difference between translating that positive energy into someone else’s life and somebody having a failed healing session. While many healing crystals can help regulate these positive energies, some are preferred over others because the experts are the ones who need them.

For various purposes like protection, purification, cleansing, clearing energies, grounding, and sometimes merely for aesthetics, a healer’s healing room must have some of the best, most appropriate crystals. Here’s a look at some options.

Tourmaline: This is a world-famous protection stone that is also a great EMF protector. The place in the room for Tourmaline is under the healer’s chair, because sometimes when people who are spiritually broken who need help come in for a session, they can radiate their bad energy all about the room.
Selenite: Selenite is a brilliant stone for cleansing and clearing energies in the room after a session is done. Selenite is famously used to make a grid in which it is found at the center. This cleansing grid energetically signifies the healing space, especially if it is connected to a house or a larger commercial space.
Apophyllite: It is a stone of calming and serenity. Clients who need healing work done on them also need an environment of calm and peace where they can check the anxiety out at the door.
Rose Quartz: The most important thing about healing and a transfer of so much energy is love. Love is the emotion that we need to keep in mind while conducting any sort of healing rituals. That is what makes the presence of the universal stone of love in your proximity a brilliant idea.

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