Crystals For Furry Friends

Crystals For Furry Friends

Pets are really wonderful company. With pets around, we never long for company. Having pets at home is the best de-stressing therapy one could ask for. They form a deeper bond like none other.

All those into crystal healing wonder and ask the same question repeatedly, if the crystals at home affect the furry friends similar to humans and the answer is yes, they do. Crystals placed around your house do have a positive effect on everyone coming in contact with them and these crystals help in keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. In fact, there are a number of crystals that are available especially for our pets.

Keep in mind

Pets are also affected by the crystals as us humans do. It is important to observe how the pets are behaving before and after the crystals are placed in the house. Animals too feel similar sensations like us with the crystals around. Let your pets choose the crystals and trust me, they will help you the crystal of your choice. If you were to place several crystals in one place, your pet will guide you to the one he or she prefers and is attracted to.

They will sniff the crystals and try to take it in their mouth if they like the crystal and will totally ignore the ones they do not like. This way you can know which crystal your pet likes.

Place the crystals around the house to improve your pet’s health and keep him happy.

Common crystals for your furry friends

Depending upon your pet’s choice or his temperament and behavior, you can choose one or a few crystals from the ones listed below.

  • Dalmatian Jasper

The stone is similar to the spots found on the Dalmatian dogs and have a calming effect on your pets. It can be used to control your pets’ emotions and also, balance them. It promotes good and peaceful sleep.

  • Dioptase

This green stone is quite popular for healing animals and calming them. They are great for healing the heart and the mind.

  • Rose Quartz

These stones are otherwise called as the loving stones and help in giving a sense of security to the pets. They are especially beneficial for animals that have suffered any kind of trauma.

  • Leopard Skin Jasper

If your furry friend is experiencing any kind of abdominal issues, this stone will help in alleviating the issues. They are great for stomach aches or indigestion issues.

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