Crystals For Friendship And Healing Conflict

Crystals For Friendship And Healing ConflictStones and Crystals can be a part of the world that surrounds you to help you restore balance. Crystals and all silicon-containing stones have the ability to absorb, radiate or reflect light in various frequencies ranging from infrared to ultraviolet and can transport it in the form of ions to lymphatic fluids and blood plasma containing electrolytes.

Since diseases emit vibrations that are reflected around our body (in the so-called aura) if we lay stones near the body, they will interact with the vibrations around the body, rebalancing any disharmony.

  1. The Magic Properties of Agate: gardening, luck, money, rooting, connection with the Earth, protection from misfortune, healing, strength, courage, longevity, stimulates the manifestation of supernatural events, finding employment, protecting and harmonizing an environment, acceptance of changes, peace, harmony, concentration, clairvoyance, acceptance of one's body, love, protection from evil, spells for the truth, to receive favours, protection from demons and possessions, against the evil eye, friendship.
  2. The Magic Properties of the Musk Agate: happiness, money, healing, longevity, new friendships, gardening, spells related to nature and the Earth.
  3. The Magic Properties of Amber: luck, health, love, beauty, protection, strength, sacred to the Mother Goddess because it contains the essence of life, protection for children (placed on the headboard after having loaded it with a suitable protection ritual ), protection from black magic, to be more attractive and magnetic, to attract love and sex, used in spells of attraction, money, power, success, increases the effectiveness of incense, creating a circle of pieces of amber for the protection and purification of negative energies by lighting a white candle, friendship, attracting power, love, money, success.
  4. The Magic Properties of Chrysoprase: happiness, luck, friendship, protection, healing, currency, banish envy, avarice and selfishness, tension and stress, against nightmares, attracting friendship, success in all businesses, eloquence, associated with the image of the bull offers powerful protection from negativity, for the money to load the stone with a ritual and always carry it with you.
  5. The Magic Properties of the Diamond: spirituality, sexual problems, protection, courage, purity, innocence, imagination, peace, quelling quarrels, healing, strength, being more attractive, reconciling lovers, fidelity, a diamond ring is worn to increase the courage, mounted on platinum or silver is indicated to win battles and in conflicts (better on the left side of the body), against nightmares, peace.
  6. The Magical Properties of the Aventurine: Aventurine purifies and harmonizes the astral bodies, creativity, intelligence, luck, gambling winnings, money, psychic powers, stimulating the perceptions of energies, balancing yin-yang energies, against stress, stimulating individuality, healing.

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