Crystals for Eye Infection

Crystals for Eye Infection

Eyes are one of the most important organs of a human body as they help you to see and perceive the world around you. People often take good care of their eyes but in spite of all the efforts, it sometimes happens that their eyes catch an infection. This is mainly because of the dust particles or contagious diseases that are spread out in the outside atmosphere which get inside your eyes and cause an infection. Though there are antibiotics and other medicines like eye drops which are useful in treating these eye infections, you can also use crystals as a complement, rather than as a replacement to these medicines to fast track the healing process. The list is as follows:

1. Lapis lazuli: This stone is effective to treat eye infections that result due to eye strain. Lapiz lazuli promotes cellular restructuring along with healing general eye disorders. This crystal also increases the blood circulation to your eyes which assists in developing your overall sight and eye health. Lapis lazuli stimulates your Third Eye Chakra and removes all the fatigue from your eyes.

2. Jade: This stone is known to boost your immune system which also improves your eye health. Jade was used by doctors in ancient times to treat severe eye diseases and injuries. One of the most common eye diseases that are very contagious and spreads very rapidly is conjunctivitis. Jade is a stone that is known to treat such seasonal eye diseases and allergies associated with them.

3. Aquamarine: This stone has the soothing energy of the water that can be used to get relief from eye infections. In ancient times, the roman soldiers used aquamarine to purify the water and use it for drinking and other purposes during their campaigns. These soldiers truly believed that aquamarine dissolves the impurities in the water and makes it clean for use. This water can also be used to treat eye infections and get rid of problems like dry eyes, itchy eyes, and redness.

4. Green Aventurine: This is one of the best crystals to treat eye infections. Green aventurine is known to strengthen your eyesight and improve the health of your eyes. It repairs the ciliary muscles of the eye and stretches the limits of your eye lens. Another advantage of having this crystal is that it helps in the removal of black eye bags that affect your look. Green aventurine powers your tired and fatigued eyes by calming the stressed eye muscles.

5. Fluorite: This stone emits soothing vibrations that help to relax the stressed nerves of your eyes. Fluorite is often prescribed as an antidote for Glaucoma because of the calming energy it stores within itself. Extreme heat and bad weather are some of the primary factors that cause eye infection. Fluorite is a crystal that helps to tackle such infections by healing your strained and exhausted eyes with its calming energy.

With the increase in the use of electronic devices like laptops, mobiles, and TVs, eye problems are a recurring entity in today’s world. Excessive use of these devices along with pollution and other contagious diseases leads to eye infections. The crystals mentioned above can be used as a supplement with the medicines to help rapidly recover from eye infections.

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