Crystal healing is a very effective alternative healing technique that not only helps uplift spirit but also helps take care of the physical body.  If some crystals help soothe and relax the mind, there are other crystals which are ideal for treating physical illnesses and pain. Crystals apart from being beautiful and perfect as jewellery pieces also have the power to connect the soul with the sub-consciousness.

Digestion is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. Carry the preferred crystal with oneself as needed, especially in the pocket or a long pendant so that it is near the Solar Plexus and stomach area.

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Some of the best crystals are helpful for digestion.


An excellent healing crystal followed throughout history for boosting digestive capabilities, citrine is befitting to treat minor stomach disorders in ancient medicine. 

For boosting metabolism as well as proper digestion without flatulence, citrine is excellent. In addition, citrine is considered ideal to help remove kidney stones, diabetes and toxins from the body.


Stomach pain can be very disturbing if not dealt with on priority. There are many reasons behind stomach pain and emerald proves to be an ideal crystal to tackle this pain. The emerald helps in soothing the nerves which results in powering up the heart chakra. Just place the emerald on the areas of the stomach where one feels the pain and it will do the rest.


The ones who are suffering from severe heartburns or prefer their food too hot or spicy, Aventurine should be a regular accessory that they keep close. Wearing Aventurine on the heart chakra will help activate digestion in addition to regulating the digestive system. Aventurine boosts one’s vitality of life in addition to sinus problems and cure for abdominal obesity.


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