Crystals for Dealing with Cravings

Crystals for Dealing with Cravings

Temptation has always been one of the biggest enemies of humankind. If done in moderation, then some of these temptations are not harmful but then again people never learn to control their feelings, do they? There are numerous examples around the world that have proven that temptations can have some serious repercussions on your physical as well as mental health. But what if you could learn to stop the cravings that lead to these temptations? The human mind is very powerful and if trained properly, it can exercise total control over your mind but all it needs sometimes is an external boost to do so. Crystals have been used for many centuries to deal with a number of problems, including cravings. These crystals help you to regain control of your mind and body and also help to get rid of the cravings. The bright and powerful energy of these crystals energizes your mind and promotes clarity and positivity which helps you to see the bigger picture. Following is a list of few crystals that help you to relieve the cravings that lead to temptations:

1. Carnelian: This is a stone that is known for increasing the zest for life. Carnelian can drive away negative entities from inside you and boost you with the much-needed confidence required to deal with the cravings. This stone also brings courage and strengthens your purpose of life. This crystal builds self-confidence in you which makes it easy for you to concentrate on the goal of your life and work in that direction.

2. Smoky quartz: Whenever you try to suppress a craving, it often leads to the buildup of stress, anxiety, and depression inside you. You try very hard to remain positive but somehow you find it very difficult to do so. Smoky quartz is a crystal that helps to lift this veil of depression and loneliness. It acts as a stress buster and calms and soothes your nerves. This crystal helps to keep you grounded by linking you with the earth’s energy. This is one of the best stones to deal with your cravings because it not only relaxes your mind but also bestows positivity inside you.

3. Bloodstone: This stone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone. Bloodstone helps to heighten your intuition which helps you to see the drawbacks of your temptations that automatically lead to the suppression of cravings. This stone is also very grounding as well as protecting and helps to shield you from negative influences. This crystal revitalizes your mind and body and makes you more determined about leading a happy and healthy life.

4. Celestite: This stone is known to elevate your mood or spirit which helps to tackle the depression and stress. This stone helps you to connect with the astral plane. The soft blue color and high vibrations of this crystal make it ideal to be used in meditation to offer you an insight into how your bad habits are negatively affecting your health. The calm energy of this crystal helps you to gain peace of mind and promotes clarity to efficiently deal with the cravings.

It is very necessary to curb your cravings before things get worse because they will tend to have a negative impact on your life. Crystals are a readily available and very powerful tool that can help you to tackle the cravings in a safe and reliable manner.

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